Electronic archiving with [accantum] creates more transparency of business processes and allows the storage of all documents compliant to legal demands – as well for electronic files and eMails.

The [accantum] E-Mail-Management means much more than simple archiving – important messages and their attachments need to be stored safe but easily to find via research and can be provided to third parties as well.


Electronic archiving

Electronic archiving with [accantum] tends to end up in less paperwork, more transparency in business processes and allows the storage of all documents legally compliant in a certificated filing-system.

To archive digital documents in data format like TIFF or PDF/A are the basis for an efficient ECM-system.

All collected data regardless whether on paper, as technical drawing or as E-Mail with attachments are legally compliant stored centrally. Additional to the [accantum] solution for archiving accomplish the compliance guideline GDPdU, GoB, SOX, etc.  

You will save print-, paper-, and storage charges. The fast and subject-related query saves time, as well.

  • Easy and rapid query in any kind of document
  • Access to project-related and linked documents and files
  • No manual archiving, no printing
  • Files are build up automatically when a new document is archived
  • Precise overview  by individual and adjustable user interface


E-Mail Email archiving

With the [accantum] E-Mail-Management System you get more than archiving. Important business nots including attachments need to be stored in centrally, legally compliant and based on processes.

Complete, long-term and secure archiving, rapid search of outgoing or incoming emails are very important as well.

Automatic and based on process the complete contents are filed by hand or on demand, which avoids accidental delete.

You can combine this module with the [accantum]-Processing of incoming mails.

Invoices as attachment can be separated from emails and filed to the belonging vendor. The email as such will be completely unchangeable archived.

  • No double data pooling of emails and attachments
  • Easy and rapid search of emails and attachments by well-known interface like Outlook or Lotus-Notes
  • No page file of PST Data
  • E-Mail administration in a clear arrangement


Self-contained archive

Finalizing a project or business process often ends up in a transfer of documents. The export-function transfers documents in an easy way to third parties.

To enable the recipient an easy research of documents you will also receive the  [accantum]-Viewer (only for view) plus search-engine.

The search engine allows an easy research while indexing and meta-data  are located on the data medium. The structure is corresponding to the central archive.

Find further information regarding self-supporting / export manager archive in the Mediathek under product information.

  • Flexibility: Data medium contains all kinds of document
  • Documents can be shown to third parties needless to  [accantum]-Installation
  • Vendor independence and release from further IT innovations
  • Comply with the requirements GDPdU / Z3