Document Server

Automated document management

Professional automated management of digital records, a multifunctional interface for entire Output- and Input(Scan)- Management with a standard graphics surface and many useful functionalities.

Automated handling and archiving of documents

With the [accantum] document manager you define automated processes for incoming and outgoing documents. This can be either standard pages, or by using the Printcenter or the Scancenter, individual documents from office applications or scans.

Independence of application and platform

The [accantum] document manager is easy to use. No special interfaces or integration into your application is needed. Based on created outgoing documents all required information as customer- or order number, amount, date, etc are gathered automatically. These data will be used for navigation of the document as is number of copies, output device and archive. The document itself will be stored in a designated folder with defined attributes.

Data formats

The basic version of the [accantum] document management supports data types as PDF, Postscript, ASCII and TIFF. In case different only data types like PCL, AFP and so on are available don’t worry, these can also be handled via data conversion we offer optional in addition.


Beside gathering data documents will be sorted, split up or combined (also with different types of documents) in a process driven controlled way. Diverse modules allow to add notepaper design and logos, file- and printer output (indepent of devices, for all kinds of windows drivers) and of course determined forwarding of all documents into the Accantum archive and Workflow. Additional modules for special needs are available for enveloping machines (inserter) by OMR, authorized signature for invoices via mail or data base access to be chosen optinal.
All functions can be used for scanned or original documents.