Digital documents and folders replace the traditional paper archives. All documents will be placed automatically by norm. So you can make sure that all documents can be found fast and exactly while having an evident texture.

Working with digital workflow means effectivity and transparency.

All participants will be advised in duties and responsibilities. Therefore liability and capabilities will become more effective.



Steering of  business processes by digital workflow speeds up processes and increases transparency.
Involved people will be informed about pending tasks - meaning optimizing resouces and responsibilities.
Both Workflow and Document Process Management (DPM) allow automated steering of individual processes and responsibilites.
Accantum GmbH does not not only provide software solutions, but also previous individual analyses and consulting. Resources can be used more efficiently, rate from recording to checking and approving documents will decrease.
  • Easy handling of tasks via digital workflow
  • Distribution of digital document to the person in charge
  • Supervising status of docomets
  • Monitoring and escalation in case of time-critical transactions
  • Easy creation of tasks and workflows


Digital Records

Digital file makes a wide archive with file folders needless. With Accantum as standard you can use digital file for various purposes e.g. customer file, contracts, ongoing projects, health record, and so on. All archived documents are classed by rule so you will search and find them easily.

You are spending time and costs, relieve your employees and increase protection of data privacy by legal form.

  • Least Query
  • Intuitional handling to look alike file folder
  • Chance for link of document and file
  • To work extending across location
  • Whole summary because of central data pool
  • All information in one file


Digital personal records (HR)

Stuffed filing cabinets and messy paperwork: no longer. Digital personal file are speeding up and automates the handling along human resources (personnel issues) and allow a higher overview. That is the best solution for efficient (valuable) human resources (personnel) management. All documents belonging to personnel issues will be archived in central. From contract of employment to doctor´s note all documents are available for authorized employees and across locations.

Digital personal file is the foundation to automatize processes like applicant selection, advanced training, travel expense reports and so on.

  • Easy storage of documents along the system   
  • Compliance with record retention periods
  • New documents will be classified automatically
  • Short time for operating expense
  • Considers date of cleanup automatically
  • Digital workflow speedsup all processes along human resources


Contract management

With [accantum] and its digital agreement management system you will have an allover view about ongoing contracts, terms and life span along the whole contract period. Also it reduces time in query and will ensure all handling.+

The digital agreement management of all major contracts complies with regulatory requirement and ruled record retention periods.

Contracts in general, framework agreements, combined contracts or license- and maintenance agreements are recorded digital and will be easy to find and handle. The uniform and complete image of all documents guarantees a precise overview about terms and life span with traceability and basic monitoring.

  • Automated processing along the whole contract period
  • Fast and comprehensive query inside document or text module
  • All documents are shown complete and central for prompt advice and feedback
  • Automated reminder and administration of terms with own user interface