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ArchivCube 19 Zoll Appliance
Editiones ArchivCube 19" Archive Appliance
CPU/RAM Intel/16GB Intel/32GB
Storage (gross) 1TB (2*1TB) 4TB (3*2TB)
Windows operating system 2012R2 2012R2
Database MS-SQL Server Express Adv. * SQL 2012 EA SQL 2012 EA
Accantum DMS/Archive Edition SBS STD
Archive full user (max. extensible) 3 (10) 5 (25)
Archive light user (max. extensible) 7 (25) 10 (50)
Supported languages DE/EN DE/EN
Max. amount of files / documents unlimited unlimited
MS-Office integration yes yes
Email archiving (Outlook) yes yes
Tasks (integrated workflow) yes yes
Permission management / AD integration yes yes
OCR optican character recognition ** 10.000 ppm 10.000 ppm
Additional add-on modules optional optional
Warranty / on site service Tarox NBD36 36 months 36 months
Listprice plus. 19% VAT. 5.290,00 € 7.290,00 €

* Microsoft server licence without CALs, please mind limitations of SQL Express
** OCR ppm = page per month

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