Incoming Mail

Durch die digitale Bearbeitung und automatisierte Verteilung der Eingangspost lassen sich Liege- und Transportzeiten verringern, die Bearbeitung wird beschleunigt und Ressourcen werden effizienter genutzt. 

Digitale Verarbeitung ist dann effizient, wenn die entsprechenden Dokumente einfach gescannt und automatisch an den jeweils zuständigen Sachbearbeiter verteilt werden können.

Mit der [accantum]-Eingangspostverarbeitung lassen sich sämtliche eingehenden Dokumente, Belege (z.B. Lieferscheine, Rechnungen) und E-Mails samt Anhang elektronisch erfassen, bequem bearbeiten und rechtskonform archivieren. Alle Informationen stehen zentral, entsprechende Berechtigungen vorausgesetzt, zur Verfügung.

Processing time can be reduced by digital handling and automated distribution of incoming mails.


Scanning & Classification

Digital recording and automated recognition of all the paper documents will accelerate the speed of workflow and give rapid access to the needed information which also relieves employees from daily routine work.

Digital archiving is most efficient when the relevant documents are scanned and automatically forwarded to the person in charge.

Paper documents will be digitalized, documents such as bills and receipts will be automatically assigned to the appropriate category. This way the error rate is minimized.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Less effort by using key words
  • Automated assignment of the scanned documents to the respective business area
  • Automated indexing and classification of scanned documents
  • Flexible in use due to various connection options to any scan-hardware
  • Possibility of automated document classification


Processing of incoming mails

Processing time can be reduced by digital handling and automated distribution of incoming mails.

The [accantum] input manager allows to register, process and archive all incoming documents (such as invoices, bills of delivery) and electronic mails including attachments – compliant and easily. Each and every information is available centrally, of course appropriate authorization is a precondition.

There is no further need of ‘physical’ transport of incoming correspondence. The [accantum] tool allows to capture the incoming correspondence locally and provide the information to the departments.

  • Simple and fast handling of all incoming correspondence at your PC
  • Less manual effort due to automated distribution
  • rapid and easy implemention
  • Digital distribution of correspondence, also across sites