Document management, archiving or process optimization – [accantum] offers a broad product portfolio for processing and archiving your documents. Your vision is to work more efficiently optimizing your processes - meaning converting your company’s documents into valuable resources and business intelligence? Then trust in our solutions.

Please see our solutions to support improvement of your document management. Regardless whether it’s automated recognition and processing of documents, digital files or archiving compliant to auditing requirements within an electronic archive - our portfolio offers a solution for every of those topics. Proven many times by providing solutions to more than 600 clients from various industries.
The automated document management executed by [accantum] analyzes, records and screens invoices and their content with the help of an intelligent algorithm. The approved workflow can be easily handled as certain data will be transferred to next steps of the process. Your advantage – cost savings and relieving employees from routine work such as manual recording or search of documents in archives, as well as reducing errors that might occur from manual data entry. By integrating [accantum] in your existing environment and infrastructure your investments will gain additional value.

Electronic archiving with [accantum] creates more transparency of business processes and allows the storage of all documents compliant to legal demands – as well for electronic files and eMails.

Incoming Mail

Processing time can be reduced by digital handling and automated distribution of incoming mails.


By forwarding invoices in an automated way print- and postal costs can be minimized, processing will speed up, employees will be relieved. In addition via the [accantum]-SEPA-Tool all outgoing mandates and pre-notifications will be sent and archived electronically.


Digital documents and folders replace the traditional paper archives. All documents will be placed automatically by filing principles, which ensures easy enquiry and ability to provide information based on a clear structure.


By integration and adaption of our web-based software we offer completely new ways of optimizing business processes.


Accantum presents several additional modules especialyy universal ones, which are working irrespective of our applications.